From birthday fun to spring cleaning!

Looking back a couple of weeks, Maddie and Mickey celebrated their third birthdays in style this year – first with all their Playgroup friends and later at a big family dinner. We sang many verses of the Wheels on the Bus before cutting Mickey’s blue bus cake (complete with wipers and lights – he was most impressed!) Maddie’s lemon flavoured ladybird cake was such a success that Playgroup mums happily take Tamsin’s surplus lemons home in the hope of recreating its delicious flavour.

Some nights turn out unexpectedly better than others and a recent ‘quiet dinner’ at home with old friends turned into a most enjoyable and very late night (for someone like me who’s now retired!)

After such a hectic start to retirement things are finally settling down and this week the big spring clean has finally begun! Three rooms already done from top to toe!

We’re now looking forward to a couple of days hidden away in a yet-to-be-agreed-upon campsite in between Gary’s shifts at work.


One thought on “From birthday fun to spring cleaning!”

  1. It was such a pleasure to share M&M’s birthday at playgroup, Maria – and though I happily accept Tamsin’s beautiful lemons, I am under no illusion that I will ever recreate the amazingness of Maddie’s ladybird cake!!! Incredible!


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