My first six months of retirement 

Wow! Almost six months already and feeling great. I don’t think I’ve missed work at all and even more surprisingly, I don’t miss being identified by my professional role. In fact, I’m more than delighted with my new life. These are some of the things that have kept me busy:

  • Best of all, looking after Mickey and Maddie two days a week plus the occasional weekend

  • Spring cleaning every nook and cranny of the house (except Gary’s study)
  • Doing a lot of personal work on myself and thinking about my future
  • Joining a lovely local book club and doing lots of reading
  • Enthusiastically joining my weekly Pilates class
  • Supporting various friends and family with submission writing, CVs, editing and so on
  • Enjoying catching up with family and friends over lunch or cups of tea
  • Looking at the bird life as I regularly walk around Lara Lake
  • Learning to use my new camera

  • Preparing for our visit to the UK in March/April to see Ingrid and catch up with some friends
  • Seeing some great films
  • Slowing down, relaxing and practising mindfulness and meditation
  • Enjoying a fabulous few days camping at Mt Buffalo

  • Growing veggies and tending our grapevine and garden

What a life!


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