England in spring – London 1

Gary and I booked a three week trip to England to see Ingrid mid-way during her Masters of Science in Sustainability Studies. Naturally, we also took the opportunity to catch up with some of my oldest friends.

We started with two days in London to acclimatize, and yes, it was VERY cold, so cold that we spent both days inside the British Museum. As a child I visited the museum frequently and marvelled at row upon row of Egyptian mummies. 50 years on and much has changed in the style and presentation of the displays. Even better, there are  free daily ‘eye opener’ tours in many sections and we managed to squeeze in four, all of them fascinating:

Ancient Greece

IMG_0492_1 IMG_0498_1 IMG_0502_1 IMG_0486_1

Ancient Egypt


Assyrian reliefs

IMG_0540_1 IMG_0542_1 IMG_0560_1

Medieval Europe



On day two my old high school friend, Theresa McAuley / Sheppy  joined us for copious cups of tea and coffee and a long lunch as well as museum-touring.

Despite the cold it was wonderful to see the signs of spring – buds on the trees, daffodils galore, and endless colourful plant pots brightening up the days.

Just around the corner from our lodgings, Mabel’s tavern has become our ‘local’, serving good beer and food and providing that English pub atmosphere we simply don’t get in Australia. I still feel so at home in London, the city of my youth!

…And then we were off to Yorkshire…




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