Retirement – the first 12 months

Yes, it’s already 12 months since I retired from paid employment. Since then my life has been just as full and busy as ever!

Looking after Maddie and Mickey two days a week has certainly been a highlight for me. We’ve done so much together – most recently, I can confirm that Lego is just as much fun to play with now as it was when my own girls were growing up.

IMG_2991 tiny park
The ‘Tiny Park’ close to home with much loved teddies
These early Lego creations grew and grew….
We love walking
We love walking

We’re also frequent visitors to Melbourne’s zoos, we’ve read countless stories, played imaginary games, ridden bikes and scooters, had picnics and soooo much more. A very precious time.

Mickey checking the goslings at our local lake
Mickey checking the goslings at our local lake

Sometimes the kids have come to stay with us for a long weekend, and recently they each had a turn of staying with us by themselves. I think they enjoyed being the sole centre of attention while at the same time missing their twin and constant playmate.

Maddie with her gingerbread man
Maddie with her gingerbread man

I’ve also been a ‘lady who lunches’ from time to time, trying to keep in touch with my friends. Still not very good at this – need practice!

Add in the holidays, reading, book club, gardening, walking, photography and so on and you can see that I’ve been busy.

In the past 12 months I’ve also created two websites and learned heaps about social media. My newest website is at It’s a work in progress but I started with zero experience so I’m happy with this start. Take a look and let me know what you think. In the last few days I’ve also added a fledgling Nurture Body Mind Spirit Facebook page.

My magnificent magnolia
My magnificent magnolia

My main challenge in this first year of retirement has been prematurely losing my car when I had to send it to the wreckers because it wasn’t worth paying zillions to replace the transmission because the diff unexpectedly broke. I was devastated about losing a much loved, well looked after car that was only seven years old, and even sadder about not getting a replacement. I must now think positive and count my many blessings….

…We now have one new family car and are all set for camping adventures in the coming years. Yay!!!

…And Gary has just turned 65 too, so here’s looking forward to many brilliant years of retirement together!


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