Townsville Surprise 2015

IMG_2269Imagine our grandchildren in Townsville’s surprise when they saw us on the doorstep unannounced a couple of weeks ago!

IMG_2288We timed  our visit this year to coincide with Isabelle’s 8th birthday and somehow managed to keep it a secret from the kids (only Cindy and Steve were forewarned). They were rendered speechless for a good 15 minutes! Then we started to hear about all their latest exploits….

IMG_2137IMG_2168A birthday-eve highlight was Isabelle’s chosen outing – a trip to the roller skating rink. I’ve never been roller skating myself and now I understand why – although I imagine it would fantastic to glide gracefully over the skating rink, it looks to be a slow and steep learning curve for newbies.IMG_2156

The kids all did really well to get out there and give it a go, mostly holding onto the perimeter walls or onto their parents’ hands. I was very impressed by their perseverance and more importantly, by their sense of fun.IMG_2163

IMG_2178The real birthday celebrations started early in the morning with breakfast and presents and continued pretty much all day.  Two highlights were a visit to Max Brenner’s  for a hot chocolate and decorating the birthday cake – a task entrusted to the birthday girl herself, as per family tradition.IMG_2266

IMG_2225I could mention several other food-related treats but best of all was just spending time with the kids playing games. Can’t wait until next time!

IMG_2355As a bonus for us Victorians, we flew into and out of Cairns this time, hiring a car to get around. Oh, to live in the tropics again with wrap-around heat and lush green foliage!IMG_2368

IMG_2373We used to travel up and down the highway between the two cities regularly and had fond memories of various stops along the way. This time we drove back along the Waterfall Way – bonus! This is a truly beautiful part of the world.




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