Noosa and the Blackall Ranges

Our two bonus days were spent exploring Noosa (again impossibly busy!) and the beautiful Blackall Ranges in the hinterland.

Sadly, rainforests always put their spell on me, so I took no photos of the Baroon Dam and remnants of the once extensive Bunya Pine forests. 180 million years ago giant sauropod dinosaurs had eaten these and spread their seeds. Much later, for tens of thousands of years, Aboriginal people from far and wide gathered here and held their ceremonies.  The dam was completed in 1989.

The highlight for me was Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, an amazing pocket of subtropical rainforest overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains to the south.  A treat not to be missed!

IMG_3030 1 IMG_3025 1IMG_3069 1IMG_3036 1IMG_3054 1IMG_3035 1   IMG_3114 1IMG_3102 1IMG_3059 1    IMG_3126 1

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