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Melbourne Street Art

I’ve grown to love Melbourne as a city since working there, mainly during the 1980s and 1990s. It’s a vibrant, energetic and colourful place, quirky and with loads of character for those who delve just below the surface. 

Some fabulously bold street art has been around here since the early days before mobile phones made it easy to snap and record. In recent years a whole new crop of ever-changing art has arisen. These pics were mostly taken in Hosier Lane, currently regarded as the centre point of Melbourne’s street art scene but there’s plenty more to be found. 


Australian Adventure

It’s ten months since my last post, largely because I badly broke my left foot last June. Not only was I immobile for months, I couldn’t even sit at my computer, and became less and less motivated to do anything constructive except rest and watch DVDs. Lots of physio, hydrotherapy and willpower later, I gradually learned to walk again, still slow and sore, but ready for my next adventure – destination the Australian Outback!

So this post is a practice run to see if I can manage posts on my iPad. This would at least allow me to post updates if and when Wifi is available.

So here are some photos of a recent visit to the Bellarine Peninsula with my cousin Rita who was over briefly from the Netherlands.